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About us

goGREEN Enterprises for over 17 years has successfully developed and commercialised a range of environmentally friendly liquid applied films used to provide temporary protection to quality surfaces within the construction, marine, and automotive industries. goGREEN Enterprises was the first company in the world to develop the temporary protective film industry and are proud to have their products manufactured in Australia and exported all over the world to clients in China, Japan, Hong Kong, USA, United Kingdom, Europe, and New Zealand

It all began in 1992 when the Owner and Managing Director of goGREEN Enterprises John Gregory, first developed and created the concept of painting a temporary protective film onto window glass and frames for protection.

As a builder for over 37 years John experienced the high cost of replacing windows that were damaged during the construction process and decided to try and develop a product that could easily be applied to provide protection to glass during construction. In his garage John developed PAW 40 the world first water-based roll applied temporary protection film for glass. PAW 40 became a huge success as it was a cost effective and environmentally friendly way for builders to save money and time from replacing damaged windows and became a necessity within the construction industry. The success of PAW 40 allowed John to step away from his career as a builder and solely concentrate on developing and marketing temporary protective films for the construction industry.

In 2002 John Gregory’s glass protection product PAW 55 won the HIA Green Smart Award.

With years of R & D and his vast experience and knowledge in developing protective films, John identified several other industries that would benefit from using his temporary protective films. In 2007 John released a new advanced range of temporary protective films that could be used for all facets of Construction, and within the Marine and Auto industries.

Over the years many people have tried to copy goGREEN Enterprise’s world renowned protective films and have failed. goGREEN’S range of products are all thoroughly tested to the highest and most stringent standards and have been developed and tested with Australia’s leading chemists. All of goGREEN Enterprises products are manufactured in Australia and the company is proudly Australian.

goGREEN’S range of environmentally friendly protective films were developed to not only protect valuable surfaces from damage but to help rid the construction industry of current protection methods such as tape and plastic that are harmful to the earth. goGREEN Enterprises will endeavour to produce the most advanced temporary protective films on the market and with their experience and ongoing research and development, will continue to be the leaders in the Industry.

Mission statement

goGREEN Enterprises enduring mission is to manufacture the most technologically advanced DIY environmentally friendly temporary protective films on the market that will assist our clients to save time & money from replacing damaged items.

Our aim is to rid the construction and associated industries of dangerous toxic protective materials that harm the earth and offer alternative environmentally friendly protective coatings that help to reduce noxious waste to produce a more ‘Greener’ work place.


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